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Dunmow Kyokushinkai Karate

Dunmow Kyokushinkai Karate

Coronavirus (CV) Covid-19

Dear Students & Parents

Amid Coronavirus (CV) spreading, following the plethora of events being cancelled and expecting that the government will take more drastic measures in the (near) future, I would like to give you the following advice if you intend to keep training at this difficult time. This is just a means how we need to adapt the training to suit current environment, keep you safe and to make you  feel safe when training as well.

There is a high possibility that our training venue may close soon if the government places a ban on gatherings of over 100 people. It all depends on how that will be interpreted. It may also include Foakes Hall.

In order to follow the advice of social distancing and keep individuals safe we can try the following:

1. Training sessions will focus more on solo work rather than partner work. Kihon, Kata, individual fitness and stretching, shadow sparring, there is plenty that can be covered.

2. When doing partner work, it will be low intensity so that people don't breathe heavily on one another whilst training – We will use focus pads that can be held at arm's length rather than the shields held against the body and focus on kicks rather than punches. Do fitness individually rather than with a partner for similar reasons.

3. We will limit kiai - as people kiai, saliva is also projected into the air and the harder one kiais the further they go. kiaing every now and again is fine but going down the line counting to 10 each and shouting at every technique it's not!

4. We will have a spray bottle of diluted chlorine solution or a cleaning solution. This spray will be used before the use of equipment and then after the session before we put it away. We will need to finish the session 5 minutes early to do this but so be it.

In the Foakes Hall we have mats. We will try and use one mat per person so any press-ups, sit-ups etc. floor exercises are done on a mat then spray and wipe clean at the end of a session.

5. Students should not turn up if they feel ill - CV is not a cold - you cannot "sweat it out". All members have to wash their hands or use sanitiser at the start and at the end of the lesson (and even during if they feel it's needed)

6. Ask members (especially adults) to bring a towel to wipe their faces with. Students  should not  wipe their sweat on the Gi, Hopefully this will help minimise the number of times they touch their face during training.

7. Students will be given more water breaks so that their throats don't go dry or don't stay dry for long..

8. All students should wash their Gi and towel after every session and to not share water bottles
Please note this is just an advisory note.  It is up to you to consider the risk. Obviously we will review this document in line with Government Guidelines

We hope this will help you all. Stay Safe.
Shihan Andrew, OSU!!