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Questions asked by Kath Turner.

Shihan Andrew Turner is the Chief Instructor of Dunmow Kyokushinkai Karate Club in Essex.

He began his training in 1980 at Bishop Stortford Kyokushinkai under Senpai Dave Bedbrook. Senpai Dave encouraged all his student to fight in other styles events and Shihan Andrew gained a great deal of experience fighting in WUKO tournaments around the South East of England, fighting many other top styles such as Wado Ryu, Shotokan, IshinRyu, Renshinkai and many others

In 1985 along with some other Bishop Stortford students he opened Dunmow Dojo and on the first night he had over 60 students. To this day that number has never gone below 60.

Shihan Andrew has been a very successful member and instructor of the British Karate Kyokushinkai, he has fought in all system of fighting, WUKO, Clicker, Knockdown and he won the British Kata Championships as a Green belt in 1982.

He has also represented England both in Clicker and Knockdown. He fought in many knockdown events from 1982-1990 his highest place being the quarter finals in 1984 which was a great achievement for him.

Although Shihan Andrew has never won major titles he has coached some of the top fighters in the BKK, from Dunmow Dojo, John and Stuart Izod, Sean Dillon, Gary Frost, Greg Hitchings, Miguel Fernandez and Lia Howlett, Emily Senior to mention a few.

He is at present a BKK Executive member and the GB/England Junior and Cadet Coach. A position that has seen great improvement with the younger members of the BKK. The new era of BKK fighters have come from the Juniors and Cadets, Emma Markwell, Sam Stevens, Mahmoud Ageli, Sam Hunt, Dawid Ozga, Josh Mays, Stuart Lee, Marco Morreale, Blake Collins and many more have all gained experience and training with Shihan Andrew

Shihan Andrew Passed his 3rd Dan in 1992 and was award the very honoured position of 4th Dan in 2002 and  5th Dan in October 2008. He is very proud of these achievements.

Shihan Andrew is a dedicated member and instructor of the BKK,  his love and passion for Kyokushin Karate can be seen by all that train with him.




Favourite Technique: Jodan Mawashi Geri and Hiza Geri

Favourite Kata: Kanku Dai and Pinan Go

Instructor who influence you: Too many to mention, but Hanshi has to be one of the best ever. In 34 years of training with him I still want to impress and give him 100% even though my body can'. A legend and inspiration! Other great instructors I have trained with and think very highly of: Alex Kerrigan, Liam Keaveney, Howard Collins, Brian Fitkin, Norman King, Cyril Andrews, Peter Kisby, Mac Robertson all had a big influence on my Karate.

Favourite BKK Fighters: David Pickthall, Nick Da Costa, Glen Sharp, Andrew Payne, Lloyd Payne, Steve Clancey, Graham Walden, Gary Chamberlain, Roy Baton, Michael Thompson , Felix Ntumazah, Trevor Marriott, Terry Prescott, Paula Long, Maria Da Costa,  John Izod, Miguel Fernandez, Sean Dillon and Lia Howlett all brilliant fighters in their own way and style.

Favourite Foreign Fighters: Hans Lundgren, Willy Williams, Hans Beth,  Matsui, Adamir Da Costa, Michael Wedel and the late Andy Hug. Lastly Maria Lapena a fantastic Russian fighter who has been unbeatable and an inspiration to all women. They are All Legends in their own right.

Biggest influence in your Karate career: There are many instructors that made me into what I am today: My first instructor, Senpai Dave Bedbrook taught me very good basics and fitness, Shihan Peter Kisby graded me up to 3rd Kyu and his gradings were extremely hard both physically and mentally. Shihan Liam Keaveney taught me so much not just how to run a successful dojo at the age of 26 but how to inspire students and get the best out of them. Lastly, all my students over the past 29 years, who question and ask things, they are the ones who are a big influence to me. Nothing makes me happier than to see my students, from Dunmow, England and GB, achieve a grading, win a tournament or just execute a perfect kick or strike. Last of all the biggest influence has been my wife, Kath. When we met I was a brown belt and I told her that Karate comes first! We are still together after 30 years and she still supports everything I do within the association.

Best Achievement: Being a father, winning a British title, in Kata,  Representing England. All proudest days of my life.


Favourite Film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy / Star Wars Films /Star Trek Films.

Favourite Music: Adele, Kings of Leon, Dance music of the 80's, Simply Red, Dean Martin and Johnny Cash

Favourite Food: Lobster, King Prawns and Bacon Sandwiches!!

Favourite Drink: Tea and Diet Coke!!.

Favourite Sport and teams: other than Karate: Any Sport involving England but mainly Football and Rugby- Teams Tottenham Hotspur and Leinster Rugby Club 

Likes: Spending quality time with my beautiful family, having nice meals out and watching the mighty Spurs play football.

Dislikes: Smoking, angry drivers, rude people.

What would you like to see in the future:

Karate: A big part of my life has been, and always will be, Kyokushin Karate. I would love to see us get back to where we were 20 years ago as one big group fighting for a World Tournament with one winner a true Champion.  It can be done.

Personally: To keep fit and train till I'm 100!! Be happy.

Shihan old profile

The photo is from a course attended by Shihan Andrew many years ago with the great Howard Collins.
From Left to Right Shihan Andrew Turner, David Boor, Shihan Howard Collins, Shihan Mac Robertson, Adrian Whittaker and Debbie Houston. 
As you can see from the sweaty gis it was a very hard session.

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