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Well done to everyone who entered the kata tournament
this year, we had a large number of students take part and all
performed extremely well.


Red belt juniors: Georgia Slocombe, Zoe Irons – both got through into the top 16

Blue belt juniors: Isabelle Benjamin, Natasha Bell, Katie chimes, Nicholas Royds and Ross Andrews. All did very well but unfortunately because of the size of the category only 2 of them got through to the second round.

Yellow Belt juniors: Cairan Horn, Alex Benjamin

Green Belt juniors: Amber Morris, Kayley Morris, Luke Stubbs, Tara Dival, Jake Dival. Well done to kayley, Luke, Tara and Jake who all got through to the top 16.

Brown belt juniors: Josie Smith, Emily Smith

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Blue belt seniors: Rob Holland – 3rd place

Brown belt seniors: Emily Senior, Franki White, Sam Turner, Scott Clark. Well done to Franki and Sam who got into the top 16 and Emily gained 3rd place.

We entered 2 low grade junior teams; Well done to Cairan Horn, Nicholas Royds and Alex Benjamin who did an excellent kata but had some strong competition from lots of higher grade teams And also Tara Dival, Luke Stubbs and Kayley Morris who got into the top 8.

A special well done and thank you to kayley who stepped into the team on the day of the tournament due to another member of the team being unable to attend the tournament.

“The competitors on the day were all very strong and there were lots of familiar faces that have a lot of experience in this competition. Everyone from Dunmow did really well and I hope that after this, the newer members of the club will look forward to going back next year and encouraging others to join us. It is always hard to go into a competition for the first time but I’m sure that as people from Dunmow continue to go to competitions the results will keep getting better! Well Done to all that went!”- Emily Senior