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  Severn Challenge Cup of Europe October
Kayley Morris
England - Juniors
Georgia Slocombe England - Juniors
Chloe Slocombe England - Juniors
Fynn Clements  
England - Juniors
  Pilatus Cup, Switzerland February
Isabel Benjamin
  IFK 4TH Youth World Tournament, Greece March
Luke Stubbs
GB - World Champion
Kayley Morris GB - 3rd Place
Amber Morris GB - First Round
  Severn Challenge Cup of Europe, Ireland.
Fynn Clements
England - Pee Wee Winning team
Kayley Morris
England - Juniors
  Belgium Youth Championships November
Amber Morris 2nd Place 
  Belgium Youth Tournament 22nd November 2014
Amber Morris
2nd in the Girls over 60kg Category
  Severn Challenge Cup of Europe Oct 2014
 Amber Morris England Team 2nd in Individuals
  England V Wales 7th June 2014
Josie Smith England Womens Team Kata and Advanced Clicker
Luke Stubbs England Junior Kata and Clicker
Isabel Benjamin England Junior Clicker
  World Kata Tournament 15th March 2014
Josie Smith 5th Place 
  Pilatus Cup, Swiss Championship March 2014
Luke Stubbs
5th Kata last 8 in Clicker (out of 50 boys)
Amber Morris
4th Kata Last 8 in Clicker (out of 50 girls)
Kayley Morris
2nd round
  Severn Challenge - Cup of Europe October 2013
Amber Morris, Kayley Morris, Luke Stubbs, Isabel Benjamin Junior England Team
Senpai Emily Senior  Senior England Womens Advanced Clicker Team
  England V Wales April 2013
Amber Morris, Kayley Morris, Luke Stubbs
Junior England Team
Senpai Emily Senior
Senior  England Womens Advanced Clicker Team
  Pilatus Cup, Switzerland 23rd March 2013
Josie Smith, Tara Divall, Amber Morris, Luke Stubbs Represented England
  IFK 4th World Tournament - April 2013
Senpai Lia Howlett 6th in the WORLD!!
  Dutch 20th Day of Youth Tournament, Zoetemmer Holland - April 2013
Emily Senior 3rd Place
Scott Clark 3rd Place

Severn Challenge - Cup of Europe -Represented England against Wales, Switzerland and Holland October 2012
Emily Senior 3rd Place Cadets Knockdown Girls Category
Josie  Smith, Tara Divall 2nd Place Junior Team
Luke Stubbs, Kayley Morris, Alex Benjamin 2nd Place Pee Wee Team
Scott Clark  3rd Place Middle weight Novice Knockdown - British Open Knockdown K2 Crawley - 13th October 2012
Emily Senior Selected to represent England in Holland
Francesca White
England V Wales April 2012 - Team Runner Up
Josie Smith England V Wales April 2012 - Team 1st Place
Luke Stubbs Pilatus Cup Kata, Luzern, Switzerland: March 2012 - 2nd Place Junior Cat
Josie Smith  Selected to represent England at Pilatus Cup -Swiss Championships March 2012 
Emily Senior Pilatus Cup Kata, Luzern, Switzerland: 26th March 2011
3rd in Kata
Jake Divall & Emily Smith Represented England in England v Wales 16th April 2011.
Emily Senior , Tara Divall and Luke Stubbs Represented England in the Severn Challenge
Emily Senior
& Franesca White
Selected to represent England at Pilatus Cup -Swiss Championships March 2010 
Francesca White & 
Josie Smith
Selected to represent England at England v Wales Clicker April 2010 
Emily Senior &
Francesca White
Competed for England in Swiss Championships April 2010 
Joanne Bonnar Winner Dutch Youth Championships April 2010
Joanne Bonnar winner Welsh Champion June 2010
Senpai Lia Howlett 2nd in World tournament in Spain
Emily Senior,
Francesca White
(Junior Team)
Winners Severn Challenge - Cup of Europe - Represented England November 2010
Emily Smith
(Pee Wee Team)
2nd Place Severn Challenge - Cup of Europe -Represented England November 2010
JOHN IZOD British Lightweight Knockdown Champion 1989 / 1991 French Champion
SEAN DILLON  British Middleweight Knockdown Champion 1993 / Russian Champion 1993, New York Champion 1994

13.06.09 Regional Knockdown 1st round / 23.05.09 Spanish Open 1st round / 07.03.09 Kata tournament 2nd place / 00.11.08 Clicker individual final / 00.10.08 British Open Knockdown final / 00.06.08 Knockdown Regional 4th place / 05.02.07 French Open 2nd round / 02.06.07 Knockdown Regional 2nd place / 24.02.07 Diamonds Cup 3rd place / 10.02.07 Kata tournament 3rd place / 25.11.06 Clicker Team 2nd place / 08.10.06 British Open 3rd place / 03.06.06 Knockdown Regional 1st place / 18.03.06 Danish Open 2nd round / 04.02.06 French Open 1st round / 08.10.05 IFK World tournament 2nd round / 22.05.05 Spanish Open 3rd place / 14.05.05 Nihon shobu 2nd round / 30.04.05 Knockdown Regionals 5th place /
16.04.05 England V Wales / 05.02.05 French Open 2nd round / 27.12.04 Clicker Team 1st place / 07.11.04 Deutsh Open 1st round / 09.10.04 Knockdown British Open final / 05.06.04 Knockdown 1st place / 15.05.04 Nihon shobu 1st round / 28.02.04 Kata Tournament 1st round / 29.11.03 Clicker Team 3rd place / 11.10.03 Knockdown 1st round / 07.06.03 Knockdown 3rd place / 17.05.03 Nihon Shobu 2nd place / 12.04.03 England V Wales 2nd place / 22.02.03 Kata Tournament 4th individual/ 2nd team / 30.11.02 Clicker Team 1 round / 05.10.02 Novice Knockdown British Open 1st place / 08.06.02 Novice Knockdown 1st place / 18.05.02 2 rounds

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