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Mas Oyama Hanshi Steve Arneil

Sosai Masutatsu Oyama

(1923 - 1994)

(Mas) Oyama, founder of kyokushin karate,
may be the toughest martial artist of all time.

Hanshi Steve Arneil

He learned directly from Mas Oyama
and founded the
British Karate Kyokushinkai (BKK)
organisation.

What is Kyokushinkai?

Karate is both an art and philosophy, because each person has a different personality, this reflects itself in their interpretation. Therefore, karate masters founded their own schools, teaching their style or ryu. Kyokushinkai is the name given to our style.

Meaning of Kyokushinkai.

KYOKU - means ultimate
SHIN - truth or reality
KAI - to meet, join, associate.

It takes time to fully understand the meaning.

The Kanku

The symbol of Kyokushinkai is the Kanku.
The Kanku is derived from the Kanku Kata, sky gazing form. In this Kata the hands are raised to scan the sky and the symbol is formed. The points of the Kanku represent the fingers and imply the ultimate or peaks. The thick sections, represent the wrists and imply power. The centre represents infinity, implying depth. The whole Kanku is based and enclosed by a circle, representing continuity and circular action.