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30 Year Celebration

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This year is Dunmow Dojo's 30th Anniversary and we will be celebrating this wonderful occasion with an inter-club competition during the day with entertainment and disco in the evening.

The competition will start at 9.30am with individual and team Clicker events made up of juniors and seniors. Although the celebration is for our 30th Anniversary the team event will be for The Greg Hitchings Memorial Cup.

Any profit made from this event will be split between Dunmow Dojo and the Huntington's Disease Association. As you are all aware our own Senpai Sean Dillon suffers with this disease so this charity is very special to us.




Shihan Andrew Turner 5th Dan
Chief Instructor Dunmow Kyokushinkai

This year along with the BKK's 50th, Dunmow Dojo celebrate its 30 years. I opened Dunmow Dojo with the help of some students, Frank Schmiedecke, John & Stuart Izod, Debbie Houston, Mandy Bell, John Robinson and a few others, in the September of 1985 at the Foakes Hall, Great Dunmow. On that first night we had over 60 people attending.

Looking back over these thirty years as Chief Instructor I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of running Dunmow Dojo.

We have a great family spirit at the club and in the past we have held some great tournaments, parties, fund raising events like 24 hour training session, running from Clacton to Dunmow, football matches with Crystal Palace & other dojo's, quiz nights, race nights, beach training and many other events.

I have met and made some great friends through the club. One of them I had taught from the age of 15 and is my best friend, Senpai Sean Dillon. Unfortunately Senpai Sean suffers from Huntington's Diseases and no longer trains but I see him on a regular basis.

Dunmow Dojo has always been a strong supporter of the BKK in all tournaments, camps and courses. We have had some great success over the past 30 years. Here are just some of our major achievements.

Senpai John Izod: British Lightweight Knockdown Champion 1989 & 1992, 2rd Spanish Open 1988 3rd British Open 1988 & 1997, Winner French open 1991,

Senpai Sean Dillon: British and Russian Middleweight Knockdown Champion 1993, New York Champion 1994, 3rd Atlanta, Oldham regional Winner. British Nihon Shobu Champion.

Senpai Miguel Fernandez: Heavyweight - 1st Place IKO3 European Championship, 1st Place French Open Championships, 1st Place Belgium Open Championships, 2nd Place twice British National Knockdown Tournament, 3rd IFK World Tournament in Valencia, Spain.

Senpai Lia Howlett: British National Knockdown Tournament winner 2003, 2008, 2010, 2011, Seven regional titles 1st Place Dutch Open, 1st Place in Spanish Open, 3rd Place IKO3 World Tournament, Australia, 2nd Place IKO3 World Tournament Spain.

Senpai Greg Hitchings: Won the Junior British Kata Title as a Blue Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Brown & Black belt and won the British Clicker once

Joanne Bonner: 3rd British Open Knockdown, Winner in Dutch Youth Open & Belgium Youth Open.

Senpai Josie Smith: 5th in the IFK World Kata Tournament, Belgium 2014

Luke Stubbs: IFK World Champion Junior Clicker, Greece 2015

Kayley Morris: 3rd Place IFK World Championships

There have been many, many others that have won Regionals, Clicker and Kata tournaments to many to mention them all and we are just as proud of everyone of them.

One of the greatest things about being an instructor is watching your students progress, train hard and achieve their dreams, not just in tournaments but within themselves improving their fitness and confidence.

I just hope I can keep teaching for another 30 years.